Available Surf Shark 27 months VPN deal - £5.50

Hi All,

I brought several Surf shark VPN accounts over the xmas/New years period while they had a deal.

I'm looking to sell VPN Connections for £5.50 for 27 months (Accounts started January 2022 and will expire April 2024)

For £5.50 you will get Surf shark Premuim VPN for up to 4 devices till April 2024.

I’m offering a free trial for 24 hours, this will let you see how logging in with the code works and if it will work on your device, a member has pointed out that not all versions of Surfshark have an option to log in with a code. If your application doesn’t have the code way of logging in then sorry this service will be no use for you.

Paypal Payments only and please send under Item or Service so if you ever have an issue (Which i don't expect you will) You have an option to refund.


If interested please let me know.


i thought i would edit this post to let you know you are not purchasing a VPN Account.

You are purchasing a connection for up to 4 Devices. You will not recieve any log in Information.

When you download the Surf Shark VPN you will have an option to log in via Code, You send this code to me and i accept the Log in. This will give you full Access to Surf shark VPN until April 2024 and im offering this for 4 devices of your choice.
Hi have you any left I'm interested please