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SV3 the box problem Ld80


one of my sv3's has just gone, but its been playing up for a few days. Now when you reboot it come up with Ld80 - have tried to rescan, checked emu, checked default key. Not re installed firmware - not sure if that will help.

Im sure in the past ive seen something about Ld80 but cant remember what or where.
It comes up no signal - but no one has touched box it went off whilst hubby was watching tennis on bbc1 I get the channel list, but just no signal.

We also had torrential storm on sunday where garage got flooded and large hailstones thunder lightening etc. The cable is spilt outside the house but is in a water tight cover Would that be a the problem. IF it were a power serge then it would have affected more than the box and all my power would have gone off - so it cant be that

Any help would be appreciated.


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What firmware is on it linny ?

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Press menu > system info & tell us what it says linny ;)


8.02e_E 30 Nov 2008 - exactly the same that is on the other box that is working fine.

Just re tried it this morning. time on box is 22.21 and still says no signal. Took lead out and put it back in to no avail. tried another rescan and still nothing


thanks ill down load that onto lappy.

Very strange not had tv on all day just tried it whilst im uploading firmware to laptop and its all now come back on again - with correct time and everything.
Very strange how it suddenly went off and then would not work but then after 18 hrs or so i turn it back on and it decided to update and works. Maybe the box is on its way out or something. It is 18 months old - but then so it the other one and thats fine.! Ill download the firmware to my laptop and if it does go again at least it will be on there ready.
Thanks Noel!


im sure my house has a leccy ghost lol! i think i need it bannished! or what ever it is they call it lol. laptop only works in certain areas


lol Dee i definatly got ghosts. IT went off again. But strange coz my sons one works and its on a splitter. So put my box ( with new fw on) and it worked in my sons room. Switched the cables round and his went off ours came on. Took his out - ours went off again lol! oh what a fun half hr we had.

Seems its the splitter that is not working properly. So it could have been the weather that did it as the weather was rather extreme the other day.
So off to shop 2mora to get a new splitter. Good thing is they are cheap compared to a new box lol and thankfully its not the box.

We realised it had to be something coz it comes up no signal and would not rescan once i added new fw, but once i put the sv3 in my sons room it worked perfect!

MAybe it worked during the day coz the sun/heat was on it.


Couldnt get an F splitter yesterday - only ones i could get in this area were the white tv areail splitters -which apparently do the same thing ( me knows NOT) So came home and "played" with it. Turns out the splitter was not at fault but the actual coax cable. Hubby came home and cut the end off and re did it. its now not on tight but works. Still freezes a bit but will do for now until the weekend where he will have more time.
Still beleive that either the storm or the hot weather is upsetting that particular piece of cable as this has never happened b4. But at least i now have a newer version on me box so thanks to Noely for your help.

Linny :)