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Disney+ is about £8 a month and don't need a vpn as all content is same whichever country your in
Think you misunderstood me.

You get subs for services cheaper for most part than UK from overseas using a vpn.

That's why I asked which country would be cheapest to get Disney+ sub using vpn which is the basis of this thread.

O2 customers can often get Disney+ discounted or free for 6 months too.
Ye they have that depending on plan you choose.

Have 3 months free from them but seen 6 months free as well from them.


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Last I heard Malaysia was cheapest at under $4.34 per month
Ye thats what I meant mate thanks.

Hard to check every country to see which is cheapest but best way to have your own if don't want hacked. Not that any issue with having hacked accounts if you have warranty to get them replaced if goes down.


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I bought a 1 month Disney+ subscription from accountbot.io on 4/7/21 and it's still going strong now. Only cost $2.99.
I have a similar one too, still going strong.:laughing: I Find the netflixs logins don't last as long, and keep getting foreign ones lol.