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i have a technomate tm 500 super which was installed for me from a guy for a year. he has cancelled the box and its s not working anymore. at the moment i am not working and its difficult for me to pay for the amount of money he s asking for.

can anyone show me how to get the box working? wheather i need a new server or what to do to the box to get it working. pls i am new to the technomate and how it all works pls


Sorry this is off topic but can I add "stuff" to my tm500 from the remote control the same way I can add "stuff" to my skybox f5s?


I doubt u can add things to your tm500 from the reremote but u can use a laptop, pc, or even your android device or phone

if you have a device with a browser all you need to do is search on google or YouTube.


Hi mate, a simple way to put in a new line (yes you will need a new server) is power off the box by the switch at the back. When you power it back on hold the power button on the front until you see a 0 displayed on the box, then let go of the power button and another digit will show on the box, for example it's 6.

Then get your laptop and go onto your browser, chrome Internet Explorer whatever and type in assuming the 6 at the end is the digit that displayed on the box.

It will bring you to a mini Web page and near the bottom you'll see cccam.cfg click edit on that, you'll see your existing line there, it gives you an option to remove it and then add a new one. Once done scroll to the bottom of the page and click save just to be sure.

Then turn off the power at the back of the box again and back on for it to boot normally. Once again you will need a new server and if you need anymore info or help pm me

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Some excellent info there I am in the same boat where I have a box but need to change the line for a new server, I will give that a go and see what happens.


I tried adding a line to the cccam and my channels still.come up as scrambled? When I was checking the cccam file there was only a dummy line.


Managed to get my channels working but sometimes when I am changing channels it says the channel is scrambled and I have to restart the box and it says cccam starting and it will start working again.


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most tm500 you just ftp a line to etc/cccam.cfg

some old boxes in the day with "UR images" had the file hidden


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Hi Tommyalph
How are u please can u help me if u can please i have a TM 500 so i paid a guy for one year and now i dont have money so please can u tell me i can do it home and how to do this please thanks
It's been answered here
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Method 1:

Just press the Menu button, go down to Network Local Setting, go to CCcam plug setting, go to Manage Config Files, In manage Config files, choose CCcam.cfg, Click on Add (Blue Button)

Protocol leave at CCcam
Host = IP Address
Port = Port Number
User = Username
Password = Password.

So if your cline looked like this

C: 12000 User pass
Then in Host you would enter
Then in Port you would enter 12000
Then in User you would enter User
Then in Pasword you would enter pass
Once done, press the yellow button.
You will now see the cline saying C: User 12000 Offline.


i think off the top of my head you need to download technomate control centre . put ur boxes ip in it then click on pw change put root as id then a password you have chosen yourself i think they came without a set password but its been years since i did this


hi, I just recently joined so I'm very new to this. I have a tecnomate TM500 super and my channels have recently (past month) all been lost. The guy I used to use to do my upgrades to my box did it through teamviewer (remotely) has went AWOl.
He did say I had all the tools I needed on my desktop to do it myself but I don't know where to start.
Could someone help and direct me to a fools guide possibly?