What are your plans for thanksgiving? Will you have a party? We're thinking of traveling to Maldives instead of having party. We opt to have a vacation instead.


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Is this an American holiday? ... I am not in America but I will gladly travel to the Maldives with you if you want some company and as long as you're paying :grin:


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We don't celebrate thanksgiving in Britain Stephanie, we're mostly heathens who stopped believing in god when it became apparent it was just a fairy tale designed to separate idiots from their money
oh, touchy ;)

I'm a fully fledged Pagan, one of the great unwashed heathens you so speak off, so I do believe in god, maybe just a different one, :)


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i dont know about going down the Manchester ship canal on a cheeseboard,but ive personally been up the creek without a paddle a few