The end of VM card sharing is upon us



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starting to remember why IPTV is always going to be rubbish.
PL game pretty much unwachtable now due to the constant stuttering.
Mine's been faultless. Try some troubleshooting or take tests from other providers for the next match.


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I watched 1st half on Sky Sports 1 germany on Sat, but turned it on to Sky sports PL on my iptv for the half time waffle, ended up just watching the 2nd half there and it was perfect, not as good of a picture, but only 35 seconds behind.


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perfect here, 25secs behind live, not a freeze or glitch in the whole match.

the only thing unwatchable is the shocking decisions and quality of the football :LOL:
Those crowd noises are shite aswell can't implament the real crowd noises lol


Tv companies will sometimes ’enhance‘ the crowd noise, if the game is a bit lifeless,
sometimes if the language is a bit ripe and obvious,
During a 2 minutes armistice day silence at Bramall Lane, it was silent, however on TV the fans got slated for chanting, Sky had to apologise as it was their crowd noise that got broadcast,


I heard 1st July it will cease to be nothing will pump through, that right ?. I was going to renew mine this week just for the discovery's, movies and HD but I then got to not to bother


Interestingly there were messing about again early hours BT Sports 1 HD was clearing early this morning and now it’s dark again.


Anyone noticed that virgin has now made all there deals on their website 18 months now. It was 12 months last week. I have a broadband extension booked with them and also their mid tv package. They have not even emailed me confirmation yet. I spoke to their remote outwards bound team yesterday and they are very busy and a little behind with orders.