The Meaning of 52 Car Dashboard Indicators


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Ever wondered what those dashboard lights mean?

Alan's Factory Outlet said:
The Hudson Motor Car Company was the first to use dashboard lights instead of gauges for oil pressure and the voltmeter beginning in the mid-1930s. Back then, they were called “idiot lights” because drivers were frustrated by the new use of warning lights in the place of gauges, making it much more difficult to detect issues early, since lights only activated after a fault had occurred. Nowadays, these displays are regulated by automobile safety standards worldwide. This visual guide provides insight into 52 dashboard light meanings. Colors and locations of vehicle warning indicators may vary, so it is still crucial to consult your vehicle’s user manual for a more precise interpretation of warning lights. Remember, it is often much more cost-effective to nip a problem at the bud rather than wait it out! The average annual cost for owning a vehicle is around $8,469; prudent action, maintenance, and an understanding of your vehicle can help keep expenses down.

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