Thorpe Park - Bank Holiday?


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Technically not Holidays, but I couldn't find a better section to post in.

General thoughts on Thorpe Park on a Bank Holiday, specifically 28 May......busy?

Anyone actually been on the May bank holiday before, how bad was it? Never been before and I'm in that area of the UK for 1 day, so no other chance to go, but don't want to waste money.

It would be 2 x adults, 1 x 15 yr old and 1 x 5 yr old........suitable?


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Thorpe park is suitable for all of you, my wife doesn't do roller coasters but there was stuff for her to go on when we went couple of years ago, you've also got chessington not far away from thorpe and we went there with our 15 year old son and 12 and 10 year old nephew/Neice and had a great 2 days, might be more for the 5 yr old at chessington.

It will be busy on bank holiday, some of the big rides will have long queues, over an hour I would think. It might be worth checking or over a weekend to get an idea

both parks have their own 'queue times' pages/aps but can't find them atm


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I think Thorpe park.. I think the
Inbetweeners . Will ranting @ disabled kids.. sorry ...


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Only been to thorpe park once and prefer it to alton tower because the rides seem so much closer together and a lot less walking imo. Good selection of rides aswell for the age groups etc food on the expensive side but nothing new there for a theme park and be warned if you go on Tidal wave you will get soaked through to the bone unless you purchase a poncho.As for going on a bank holiday only ever done it once at alton towers NEVER again the queues were horrendous to say the least and if theres any ride breakdowns it gets a lot worse :(y):


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Glad my kids are grown up and can drive themselves there now lol!
I wouldn't go anywhere like that on a bank holiday I have been to all of them over the years with my kids when they where younger and the queues where always massive sometimes over an hour to get on rides but you do it for the kids has the missus will nag you lol.