Time zap problem


Hi guys,

i am having a bit of an issue with the timer to zap (change) to another channel.

My setup is OpenAtv 6.4with the latest Slyk1HD skin on a ZGemma h9s
I have the tuner still connected to my satellite dish and I have an IPTV subscription and the relative bouquets for everything else.

Now, the issue! When I go into my epg and I'm on TB Sports 1 and in 5 minute to zap onto Sly Sports Golf, everything goes fine, setting and storing the timer, then when the Sly Sports Golf, instead of zapping to the Golf channel, goes to the first channel on my satellite tuner (& tv in my case) and not to the desired Golf channel ... I'd like to set up zap and record timers I can not use this functionality.

Can anybody help me in the right direction to solve this issue ??

Edit: Just want to add that if it zap to one of the satellite tuner channels (eg BBC 1) it zaps to that fine, as it should, it seems to be an issue zapping to the IPTV channels!