Timeout for tuner lock on Astra19.2


I hope someone can help me, I have been trying to set up my box to run from two satellite feeds. I live in Germany and I have a 2.4mtr dish which provides me astra 28.2 and a normal dish on the roof that provides astra19.2.
I have configured tuner A for 28.2 and tuner B for 19.2 with
Configuration mode set to Simple
Mode set to single
Send DiSEqC set to no

My settings in AutoBouquetMaker are
Deutsche Sender yes
FTA only no
Deutsche Sender generate main Bouquet yes
Ds generate Hd Bouquet yes
DS generate FTA Bouquet yes
Ds generate FTA HD bouquet yes

freesat (uk) no
Sky Deutschland yes
Sky D FTA only no
Sky D generate main bouquet yes
Sky D generate sections bouquets yes
Sky D generate HD bouquet yes
Sky D generate FTA bouquet yes
Sky D generate FTA HD bouquet yes

Sky UK yes
etc etc

The problem arrises when the scan starts trying to tune the Deutsche sender, I constantly get the Timeout for tuner lock.
I know I have a good quality signal with the German satellite and can find all the channels when I do an automatic scan.

What i have noticed is that if I say No to Deutsche Sender in the AutoBouquetMaker Providers section and say yes to Sky Deutschland
then the timeout does not happen. (only problem there is I am then missing all the FTA German Channels)

One other thing I should mention is that when I first set the Gemma Box up a few weeks ago I was able to get both Bouquets to work which gave me a UK EPG and A German EPG but unfortunately I had to factory reset the box as I was having problems with it running very slow.

Thats it hope someone can help
Deutsche broadcasts from various satellites & if the bouquet maker is trying to look at these in addition to 19.2, then you will get that error.