TM-5402HD - How to patch and add C***m/N****md support


TM-5402HD - How to patch and add CCcam/Newcamd support
Find PDF how to guide attached & relevant patch & Add on.

Please choose the correct firmware for your box where they are 3 different versions for your box where it may say at the front of your box ie. TM-5402 HD M1 CI.

Information from another forum.



you don't need addon file because its included in latest patch and there are 2 new patches download center for m1 m2 m3 models July 2015 i wouldn't bother with them as these where test patches they have some issues


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im enquirying on behalf a friend who has a TM5402HD CI+

is this phantom patch a kind of upto date firmware that will bring his box kind of upto date standards of vix/openatv?



Hi I got technomate 5402 it wont let me into settings says it wants password to allow me in I pressed 0000 which is supposed to be the password but wont work can any body help please.thanks.


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Hi everyone I have a technomate m3 version coming today. What do I need to do to it before I can add a line
it may already be flashed with an image, if not, install openatv6.2 from here via usb, when it gets to HDMI settings on the screen, isgnore it and add wooshbuild infinity or grogbuild freerange by following the installation instructions available from the Downloads section of this site