tomtom via maps


bit of a longshot but I have a tomtom via about 8yr old and would like up to date European maps for a motorhome ive bought ! any suggestions ?
Free would be a bonus :smiley:
thanks tonyrsv4


Suspect its age will not allow for updates. I get an email from TomTom every other month telling me my older device is too small for Euro maps and I need to purchase a new device for circa £300. Gits have also disabled journey ETA's etc to encourage a sale. Determined to keep it for UK maps just to spite them!


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I know its a ploy for you to buy a new satnav from them but I will just use google maps free on my phone rather than pay out again !! I just thought there could be a way of utilising this tomtom but with some other maps installed someone out there must of done it :smiley: