TOOL kit

nice looking piece of kit, GM, pity I dont live in the states..

Axoo Does this site deliver to Eire??? thanks
axxxo i have one of these and they are a very handy tool the make of mine is kong usb2 to ide/s-ata adapter i got in max burns here in tallaght for 20euro very handy and the pst cant rember how much that cost me but was not dear
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ive never used newegg before but im sure it does but postage will prob be hefty, bought two items from the states last week from ebay, one piece of work charged me 24 dollars for postage and the other guy charged me something like 6.70 dollars postage for a heavier item. ebays getting a bit tiring for me with gits like this on it so shopping around is def a must on the net!