Transfer backup file onto a new zgemma?


Is it possible to do a backup on a zgemma H2H and transfer this backup onto a new zgemma H2H thus retaining all of the epg's layout for sky and vm?
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Just back the box up
And flash the new on

Depends how you have it setup, you may not get EPG or items like that
But system settings and line will be there


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So when I do a backup do I have to use a newly formatted usb stick? and I dont have to load the image on the new box first?


If you have a HDD attached choose the full backup option and choose the HDD as the location.
Then simply FTP the backup file onto a desktop/laptop and transfer onto a fat32 formatted USB stick and use that to flash.

If you don't have a HDD attached; plug a USB in, restart the box, initialise the USB via settings - Hard Disk setup, then backup with the USB as your destination

Your epg layouts, plugins, settings, line and skins will be retained
As above, very easy to flash back up onto new box but remember it will include your line so if the box is for someone else you will need to edit your line