Turkey Government Banned YouTube

The Turkish government keeps trying to stop citizens talking about its corruption: after failing to completely shut down Twitter, they decided to do the same with YouTube. Just a week ago the government had to admit that its shutting down of Twitter was illegal, and now it is already banning the most popular video service, YouTube.

As usual, the main problem about YouTube was that it hosted a series of videos incriminating the Prime Minister of Turkey in a corruption scandal. The videos in question included wiretapped sound recordings where, for instance, the Prime Minister is telling his kid at home to hide huge amounts of money from the investigators. The sum is alleged to be about a couple of million dollars.

Now the government of the country is demanding that the videos were taken down, understanding that they would result in an informed population. As you can understand, an informed population wouldn’t vote for a person involved with a corruption scandal. Of course, Google refused Turkish requests to remove the videos and so the Prime Minister unleashed the hounds.

According to Google representatives, the company is receiving reports that Turkish users are not able to access YouTube in their home country. Google confirmed that there was no technical issue on its side and the company is looking into the situation. It seems like all Internet service providers in Turkey have been roped in to blocking the streaming service.