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You better believe it is... Nothing worse than clicking on a program (even one on your start menu) and having that "cough" nightmare pop up and ask you if you want to do what you already know you want to do!!! let alone try and make any changes, updates or anything else..

Only time it might make sense is if you have a 1 1/2 yr old like one of my co-workers who hits up mom's computer every time she turns her back... works for "baby-proofing", don't think most of us fall in that category!

is it worth it to turn it off?


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Instead of disabling it why not try this instead, tried and tested and works great and free

its called TWEAK UAC

There is a setting status that some users want it marked red. That is Vista's User Account Control (UAC) - the controversial security function of Vista operating system.

Designed to prevent the remote malware/spyware from automatically installing or modifying system settings, UAC tends to block legal installations by stopping the ongoing process with unnecessary error messages. In Windows 7, you can set up UAC as you want. Up to then, you will have more options.

There is an option of invalidating UAC. However, you should consider this risky choice because UAC can warn you of potential dangers. Instead, install Tweak UAC - a free utility that allows you to turn on or turn off UAC and simultaneously provides an intermediate "quiet" mode (this mode keeps UAC on but suppresses administration elevation prompts). With TweakUAC in "quiet" mode, UAC seem to be turned off to those who use administration accounts, but those who use standard account will still receive the warning messages.


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