TV zion 4.2.1 adfree latest Movie app


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Hi guys not posted here for a wee while

This is the latest mod apk of the movie app

TVZion is currently one of the best Movies and TV shows streaming app. After terrarium TV shut down there were many apps releasing everyday. But it is different and it has more features than any other app in the market. In this post you will learn about TVZion app and also you can download the TVZion APK file.

It is said to be the best Cyberflix and Typhoon TV killer and it has proved by providing extremely nice UI, Fast stream, More sources than other apps.
TV zion 4.2.1 adfree

16.76 MB file on MEGA

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Finding out new stuff thats good always helps as got 2 android boxes with latest and looking for movies as all these new names mean nothing but i do see its loaded already.


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Tv Zion Adfree (13.08.2020 build )

For details refer to OP

Fixed some bugs

Disabled update nag (again) :smiley:

27.35 MB file on MEGA

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### please consider supporting developer, it really is a great app###
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