TVIP on VPN router problems



Apologies if this has been covered but I looked and didn’t find a similar problem.

I have a TVIP 605 box (which I like) the setup for the routers are as follows.

Gl.inet VPN Router wan port to BT lan port. On Gl.inet VPN router Ethernet cable from lan to TVIP Box ethernet port. This is how the Gl.inet site tells you to setup their router.

The problem is that when I boot up the routers the Gl.inet router boots up before the BT router which takes about 3 minutes longer. Now I know you have to keep the TVIP Box switched OFF until the two routers are on line.

But the problem is that the TVIP box will not work (no channels) So I then have to do this. Reboot the routers while I’m on Windows 7 on my laptop and switch on the Gl.inet

wireless connection on the laptop until it has internet access and then switch on the TVIP box before it works. Even though I am not using wireless on the TVIP Box.

This is a bit of a faff and I am stumped to find out why this is happening? Anyone got any thoughts on this? Thanks for any help with this.