Universal unlock turbo sim card


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universal unlock turbo sim card nokia bb5 & all mobiles

The Sim-unlock-chip universal cell phone unlock is specially designed to unlock the carrier bundled GSM cell phone, support wide range cell phone models of different brand (Please consult compatible list), offers easiest and most convenient way to unlock cell phone without hacking it or hardware modification, simply attach a regular SIM card...

Product Summary
1. Unlock your mobile handset without voiding warranty!

2. Compatible with over 992 models, including: Nokia N95, Nokia 5310, Samsung G600, Samsung U600, Nokia 6500 Slide, LG KG800 Chocolate.

If your handset is not on the supported model list, there is a good chance it will still work (we are always testing new handset models and this takes time).

3. Also compatible with a range of USB Modems such as Orange ICON 225.

4. Great for when you want to use a cheaper network (e.g. if you go abroad).

5. Re-usable forever!

How to use SimDevil
1. Place your network SIM card directly on top of SimDevil.

2. Insert both into mobile handset's SIM card slot, ensuring both SIMs remain aligned.

3. If there is not enough space for both cards, cut off the top left corner of your network SIM, creating extra space for SimDevil's data chip. This will not damage your network SIM data chip in any way.

4. Your phone is now unlocked!

How SimDevil works
- While SimDevil is in your phone, your phone is unlocked.

- When you remove SimDevil from your phone, it is re-locked...as if you had never used SimDevil!

- This is very clever, as it means the product warranty of your phone is not voided (a conventional phone unlock does void it), and therefore if you damage your phone at a later date you can return it to your supplier to be repaired under warranty.


Check them out below,i have ordered one from fleabay so ill post back and let you know how i get on.

[ame=http://www.amazon.co.uk/SimDevil-phone-unlocking-SIM-card/dp/B001H9INC0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1252431958&sr=8-1]SimDevil phone unlocking SIM card: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo[/ame]


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