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Quick question, I have an old iphone 4s was going to use it instead of the Microsoft lumia (rubbish) I got but wasn't really wanting to have spend money on getting it unlocked to use any sim.

Can this be done or do I have to go to my local corner shop ?



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OK not sure about iPhone due to Apple locking everything but I paid 8 quid to unlock my phone on that wonderful auction site....

Or contact old supplier of contract and they unlock it after contract for free normally

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I paid T Mobile a tenner to unlock the phone at the end of a contract
and put in a PAYG sim for another network. Was £15 at the unlocking/repair shop
near us lol


I dont beleive you can use third party software and exploits to unlock iphones anymore. But as mentioned above you can just call your carrier and asky them to unlock it for a small price.


My daughters iphone 5 was locked to 02 so gave them a call and they said to put a PAYG 02 sim in it put £15 on it then request an unlock on their website , did that and it was unlocked the next day ;)