Unlock The Huawei E220 HSDPA Modem

Thanks for the info, I have a couple of these on the ThreeUK network (3) and am trying to get them working with a RaspberryPi.


String not found for me - no 8 digit code grouped either. I don't need to go pro on the revskills do i?
anyone able to assist plz?


OKAY i must be doing something wrong, revskills isn't working for me, no 6-8 digit number at all! does this trial revskills work? anyone who has done this recently up for helping?


hi guys, i have read this thread a dozen times but i cant get it right, the Sd, isnt picking up in my bin file. and i tried searching on s's only and d's and even d, but still nothing helps.

any suggestion ?

i tried downloading the rev skill folder but it says the exe is corrupt

the dongle is from south africa if that will help
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hi guys i am having trouble doing this i have tryed revskills-2.05 and qc bqs analyzer .revskills dose not have the read efs function but a "read efs factory .img" i tryed that but i got 1 error saying "phone does not respond. maybe another software is blocking the port" when i send a command i dont get a response with "qc bqs analyzer" in hex like the tut and the output from read efs is allways file is 0 byts i am hopeing some 1 can help as this dongle is old as and i can get a new better 1 for the price they want for a unlock


Is this realy working ? ... I read a lot of comments from people who want to try but nowone really sais it works


Hey Folks,
Ive been trying this for a while now but can't find the 8 string sequence in the bin file. Ive tried using a version of qmat and the rev skills but still no luck. Rev skills I seemed to have to use the qc com diag window instead of the usb. In both cases I seemed to get a flash.bin but can't find the string, someone posted they had found it in another string, is there a way of me finding it? My modem is a vodafone uk. Any help much appreciated.


Hi, I"ll try this step by step then I'll show the results

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Is there anybody, who can help me, I am a newbie, and can not download the two links above, I made posts, but there were no activation link sent to me, so I am not able to download. Any idea?