Unlock The Huawei E220 HSDPA Modem


Huawei E220

Ich suche einen einfacher weg den E220 freizuschalten? Gibt es so was?

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I'm looking for an easier way to unlock the E220? Is there such a thing?


Upgrading Firmware Locked my SIM

There is no need to get the latest version of E220 Firmware for unlocking. It’s just used for detecting the Harware Interface.

That's what I did to get me into trouble. After downloading and installing the latest firmware 11.313.02.00.01, my SIM was locked and I could not use the modem anymore. I am now using a borrowed modem to search for solution. Hope this procedure will get me back on my feet.


Great post - very well written and easy to follow. Shame the instructions are for Windows, most serious hackers tend to use Linux these days. However, I do have a dual boot machine for such purposes, so all is not lost - Keep up the good work.




then what you do when it bin unlock
free internet any were ???

No, all unlocking does is allows the dongle to be used with a SIM card for a different provider than the one that originally supplied the dongle.

It is useful if you change your contract or you use PAYG (which is very popular in the UK). My dongle was locked to the 3 network, but now I can use it with GiffGaff which suits me much better.

No Free internet anywhere I'm afraid!


it says in the begining of the post it is free internet

It means that you can unlock the E220 for free (This process costs nothing to do), That does not mean that you can use the internet for free!

Once unlocked the E220 will work with any SIM, but you will still need to pay to use the SIM!
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