Untaxed notification at the wrong address


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Hi I'm not sure where to post this but I've been receiving letters for 2 people at my address that don't live here.

I ended up opening two letters today and they are both notification of no tax on vehicle's

I don't know who these people are. What is the best way to deal with this before I have someone claiming for no tax?


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Don't ring them. You'll be on hold for an hour and anything they tell you is a crock of crap.
I had dealings with them years ago and everything they said was false and I ended up £100 down. If you admit to opening the letters you could get in trouble.
If anything else arrives put a sticky label over your address and write on it NOT KNOWN AT THIS ADDRESS, then put it in the post box and DVLA will get it back.
I get HMRC letters for some random slapper I've never heard of.
I've asked everyone in the close if they know someone with that surname, no one knows her, so she ain't from around here.
I send them back as above but still get the odd one every few months


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I had speeding fines for the previous owner of my house a good while after he'd moved out. He left a pretty frightening amount of debts and the bailiffs came once looking for him.

I returned the dvla stuff to sender including the date he left the address and never heard from them again.