Updated E2istream 12/02/2020


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Hi guys i know a lot of you have been struggling to get this plugin working,I have attached a working ipk and can confirm series watch/series9ysfy/youtube ect are all working. Not even tried others as been a late night and i do help out sorting and fixing the feeds. Before anything please uninstall any old versions first

1) Download the file and unzip
2) Ftp to tmp folder and install local extensions/Restart GUI
3) Menu/plugins/E2istream/install.
4) A lot of the pre software will not install so just no to all
5) When you come onto the home page with the icons showing just scroll down to green arrow and update and restart GUI and bingo
6) If this is a popular thread i will keep updated with feeds
7) Only tested on vix


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tried this with VIX and cannot see it at all in Plugin Browser after installing

Anyone got an update Plugin file please?