Updates re-arrange everything


When my box updates in the morning my bouquets totally re-arrange from the order i set up the night before and i end up doing it all again. Is there any way of stopping that?

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Smithy Munchy

TK Veteran
What is your box updating every morning.
The only thing it should be Updating every day is your EPG, anything else, Disable.
Could be doing an Auto Bouquet Update every day, switch that off...

Smithy Munchy

TK Veteran
Menu - Setup - Service Searching - Bouquets - Take a look in there, you will see an Option for it.
Not close to box right now, but i think that's it off the top of my head :-)

Smithy Munchy

TK Veteran
are you not meant to update your bouquets everyday
so how often to update?

Only update your channels when they are not clearing or have moved. This used to happen alot, but not so much now
I think u r getting mixed up with your EPG getting updated very night, mine rubs every night to update.
Channels i do manually anyways, and hardly ever need to update now.