Upgrading from ZGemma Star H2 to Vu+ Duo 2


Hi guys, i'm looking for a bit of advice before i order my Vu+ Duo 2

I'm currently using a ZGemma Star H2 for my Virmin line but i've found that it's extremely slow and not very responsive. I'm running it on VIX, which came with it. I've also tried a 12 hour IPTV test line on it, and i've found that it's struggling somewhat with the HD movies and FHD channels.

I'm now looking to order a Vu+ Duo 2 but have a few questions before i go ahead.

1) Now the Vu+ comes with an option of flashing the latest VIX or Woosh build before it's shipped, would it be better to choose Woosh or VIX for Virmin? I like Woosh, but i know the Vu+ fully supports VIX unlike the ZGemma.

2) When it comes to creating a cam for the Vu+, can i just FTP into the ZGemma, copy the cam files and FTP them to the Vu+ rather than going through creating a new one? Would that be possible, or are the cam files specific to each box?

3) Can i use the Virmin line i've got on another box (transferring it, not using it on 2 seperate boxes at the same time) or does the line link it's self to the box's MAC? I'm not sure how they work to be fair.

4) Finally, i just want a little bit of an opinion of the Duo 2. Are they good boxes? I know it's a vast improvement on the ZGemma, and when the time comes, and Virmin goes dark, my main source of TV will be the IPTV. Are they good boxes for IPTV etc?

Thanks for any help guys!


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vu duo2 will kick the ass over zgemma.

get the box flashed with openvix and get a kingston 8gb usb for flashing, internal hdd?
cams are imported from plugins download and use mgcamd 1.38 or cccam 2.3.0
unless provider says multiroom dont try it=banned

there are newer boxes on the market since the duo 2 came out
best place to look is world of sat


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Thanks for the reply!

I'll get on to the provider and see what he says. I'm not planning to multi room, the Zgemma will be redundant and pretty much put in the cupboard or sold.
I think the Virmin line is an N line and the Zgemma is using mgcamd, so i'll get that downloaded when i receive the box.

I'll take a look at world of sat. I was thinking the Vu+ 4k, but i don't see the point as the IPTV and Virmin doesn't provide 4k anyway.


I actually just upgraded from a zgemma i55 to a DUO2.
The DUO2 is awesome!!! It can handle all the IPTV channels with no problem at all, the recording with an internal hard drive is flawless. The box is snappy and responsive when using the remote.
The main thing, is that with my zgemma box, it could ONLY show IPTV, but you can plug your sat cables into the DUO2 (obviously), so at least your freeview or freesat will still be there if your IPTV provider caves in.

Mine came flashed with VIX, but I re-flashed it with Wooshbuild.

Hope this helps


Yep as the guys are saying , I have a dou2 box for awhile now and never an issue with anything you throw at it , iptv player plugin works great , works great with cable sub and vix , have a few plugins installed , ie exedus plugin and movies run perfect no buffering , and a top notch remote to booth .........