DsayersBuild USB flash queries



I flashed my box using the USB, and all my channels are up and running fine again. Just had a few questions:

1) Since I've flashed, I've had two sets of each bouquet set up. Is there any way I can delete the duplicates (Without affecting the first original set)?
2) Is there any way of creating and accessing a Favourites list quickly? Whenever I press the FAV button on the remote, it's just the same as pressing the TV button. (I tried looking in the menu for button setup, but couldn't find anything for FAV button). I ask because after setting up my IPTV (this wasn't through your instructions - used Jedimaker), all of those channels have numbers after 10000, so it's quite a hassle trying to remember and type in those numbers. (not sure if this is linked to my first point and the duplicate bouquets)
3) Is it possible to delete an individual channel from the list?