WooshBuild Using box HDD as NAS via Plex



I have a Raspberry pi on my home network. I also have a lifetime premium Plex pass, but I have no NAS on my home network.

I have a 1TB hard drive in my enigma2 box, running the latest OpenVIX, so was wondering if its possible to use this box with Plex?
I want to just share the folder where my recordings go, so I can watch them via Plex. Is this possible?

I've tried with HDTunerProxy but couldn't get it working with the latest Plex, as Plex looks for some kind of XML EPG file, which I don't have.
Someone said that HDTunerProxy is gone, and I should use xTeVe, but I don't think there's a compatible build for raspberry pi/Debian, and I'm not sure if a corresponding plugin would be needed on my enigma box.

So has anyone done this before, and can give advice?



Things like HD Tuner Proxy and TeVe are more to do with leveraging the E2 box's tuners than any disk attached to the E2 box.

I don't have a comparable setup running at the moment, but I have had in the past, and have done it in two different ways. Both work OK.

Choice 1 - On the E2 box, make sure that you are running something that allows network file sharing - ie smb/cifs, and or NFS
On the device running Plex (assuming that'll be the Pi), just map the share using the OS (Debian). Then have Plex index and collate the contents of that network drive-map.

Choice 2 - Attach the 1Tb disk to the Pi that is running Plex.
Setup a smb/cifs or NFS share for that disc or directories on it.
On the E2 box, map that share and set the recordings to be made there.
Have Plex index and collate the contents of the 1Tb disk.


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Actually, that was easier than I expected. I managed to get the hard drive in the E2 box shared over the network to Plex. I just had to change how I had it in my head, and that it was simply sharing a folder between 2 linux boxes.
The only minor issue is that the recording have names that start with the date, eg "20191123 BBC One The News".

Is there any way to change the default recording name structure?

Also, I was actually hoping to share my tuner/IPTV over the network to Plex. I'm not sure if this is a topic for another day, or something that I could get help with in here.
I followed the guides and get stuck at the same point, when Plex asks me to either put in my post code, or give the path to some EPG XML file. Since I use EPG-Importer, the EPG is stored as a .DAT file in /media/hdd.
This is with HRTunerProxy anyway. TBH I'd be happy with a link to a guide that actually works.