Viaccess 3.0 Hacked


Viaccess 3.0 is hacked on Venton HD200S (a German stb).

Actually SCT-MCT is full working (NO CARD SHARING)

More providers are announced!!.....hoping to see the hack in other sat device soon

Sourced from another forum.


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Packages and channels working with Viaccess encrypt from 2.0 to 3.0 (mixed with other encoding systems or in stand alone mode)
Fransat 5W is the only package running under 4.0 version

Poverkhnost Plus 36° East
Le bouquet de Canal + 26° East
Can***** France 19 East
Orange France 19 East
ART Arabesque 13 East
Grupa ITI 13 East
Sexview 13 East
Cyfra+ 13 East (some channels only)
HRT Croatia 13 East
Orange Polska 13 East
Al Jazeera Sport Channel 13 East
SRG SSR 13 East
British Telecom 13 East
Stellar DBS 13 East
Bis TV 13 East
Orange France 13 East
Hello HD Platform 9 East
Akta Satelit 4.8 East
Bis TV 5 West
Orange France 5 West
ADD 7 West
TV Globo Internacional Europa-África
KBS World
Deepam TV
Private Spice
French lover TV
X-Dream TV
EuroSport 2
Eurosport 2 Bundesliga
Baby TV
Asianet Plus
Motors TV
Dorcel TV
X-Dream TV
Free-X TV
Free-X TV 2
Club Prive TV
XXX Extreme


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It seems though that some of the packages and a few others using this encryption are running on another box for quite a while now using IKS and I have a feeling this is what this box is which means not really a hack. Just my opinion though.


is any of this connected to our problems??

i mean are they anywhere near breakin point as we are a little closer to dooms day


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If this is IKS as I strongly suspect it is then no, absolutely nowhere nearer. Just my opinion though.


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As it turns out this box has been tested elsewhere and the software is fake. They're just trying to sell boxes. It seems it only opens SCT 1-7 channels (which as far as I'm aware are Viaccess 2.5) and one other channel using it's EMU then the rest are opened by IKS over the internet. Or they are planning to start up their IKS servers as at the moment people are only getting 'Scrambled Channel' on all other packages.


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another false dawn mooley, ah well, just have to brush up on my talking skills instead


:bang head::bang head: Im lost with all this Satelite malarky, I would be happy with FTA Sat with good channels. Quick question whats this about key changing to get other channels ?