Views on Q96 Max?

Hey guys

Great to be here!

I‘m a newbie here and a newbie to IPTV - please be gentle :LOL:

I have an existing official subscription to Sly Q with a heavily subsidised package. I’m getting everything including B* Sport for £70pm, with Multiroom and HD.

So why the hell am I trolling IPTV forums? Lol.

The answer is a simple one. I enjoy the variety that the USA (and rest of world) offers - the movies tend to be of far better quality on USA streaming channels and are consistent, whereas with Sly I find its very up and down. I find that the really good movies are streamed from the USA - Cin*max, H*O etc etc. Plus I want the PPV boxing and the adult channels. I guess I’m also a bit of an anorak and have fun so why not?

Don’t shoot me down but I took out a 12 month sub with an IPTV provider and paying about £70 for worldwide. I have 3 connections - One on Firestick using the Bezz Co app and two on Apple devices (IPhone and IPad) via the GSE Smart App. All seem to be working really well and provided by the same company. The only thing that is crap is the EPG guides - but doing some research it appears EPG is crap in general? My Broadband is supplied by B* on a 300MB Complete WiFi tariff on a direct to premises system. It was just recently installed after 16 years of putting up with download speeds of 5MB. I’ve always promised myself that I would venture into the world of IPTV as it does fascinate me. I’m also an ex Motorised satellite installer / enthusiast. I packed it all in about 10 years ago, due to the constant code changes and the never ending costs linked to buying more CAMS. The best years were the old analogue D2 Mac times - anyway I digress!

My Firestick is connected by Wi-fi which is positioned about 1 metre from the Smart Hub 2 - I can connect by Ethernet very easily if needed. Broadband speeds to my hub are 300mb and my download is Generally about 60mb on Wi-fi. I have 2 VPN’s but the main one is NordVPN. I get very little buffering, only the odd pause here and there. Occasionally I can get, what i can only describe as, judder. The picture almost doesn’t look ‘real’. It’s not an issue on the whole - its when I’m watching the supplied VOD’s but kind of fixes itself and becomes more smoother. I have tried Ethernet connection but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I have tested the ping rate on both Ethernet and Wi-fi and there really isn’t much difference In quality - about 17ms. I have no such problems on my IPad or phone using the GSE app. In fact I even tried casting from IPad to my Apple TV Box but it just looked awful.

The Firestick is plugged directly into the back of my Yamaha RX-A880 so I can enjoy 5.1 Surround etc.

I love the user experience of Buzz TV - it does look good and easy to navigate. I’m just not content with the provided EPG guide. The company has said they are working on something better and will email me once its up and running. Im more interested in Cinem*x, Ep*x and H*O - not Sly UK etc.

I own a Q96 Max Android box and was curious if it would improve the picture / stream over Firestick? I’ve had it for about a year but couldn’t get to grips with it when I last tried to get it working. I’m willing to invest some time if there’s a possibility it would work ok on IPTV? Or should I say ‘a better alternative to Firestick’? It has 2 USB ports and what appears to be memory card slot on the side.

12255B16-DA03-476A-AE02-ED4E283F5C68.jpeg 2C09ECF6-F7D3-4650-8430-13B1B1E13636.png

I don’t want to spend any more money on devices, although I do know there’s some nice gear out there! As I said I already have Sky Q.

Additionally, are there providers who would just supply only what I want? I could be looking for a low cost secondary package to fall back on - or is it a case of if one provider goes down, they all do?

Thanks all.

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