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anyone any ideas on this??? Virmin are trying to give a friend of mine me the run around and I'm looking for some ideas. Here's the email he sent and the reply he received.

I have a complaint about 1 of the TV stations on the package I am currently receiving. The station is RTE 2. Can you tell me why any time a premiership or champions league football match is advertised a message comes up on the screen saying this program is not available in your area but whenever there is not a football game on there are no problems at all. It purely could not be a coincidental system problem all of these times and I am starting to get really frustrated as to why this is happening. I hope someone can get back to me with a suitable reply as to why I am so unhappy with my service and why I am paying for a TV station that I do not have full use of


Thank you for your e-mail dated 11 April 2009 regarding your complaint about the TV channel RTE 2.

I have tried to contact you today by telephone but have been unable to speak to you personally.

I'm sorry to hear you are unhappy about paying for a channel that you do not have full access too. However we have no control over the content of the RTE 2 channel we only broadcast the channel. This channel is part of our TV large package for your area and as such are not paying any extra for this channel.

The reason the message appears is because the RTE channel have not purchased the broadcasting rights for Premiership or Champions league football matches. Therefore the games will not be broadcasted on these channels.

I hope this clarifies our position and if you have further queries regarding this matter or any other issue, please use the link provided below:

Please note if you reply directly to this e-mail your response will not be received.

Kind regards

J***e La*****ce

E-Contact Team

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Tell your friend to send them this ;)

RTÉ Sport has announced that it has won the most Champions League rights of any Irish terrestrial television channel from September 2009 until 2012.
RTÉ has secured the premium package of exclusive Irish terrestrial rights to Wednesday night matches with exclusive coverage of the UEFA Champions League Final and the UEFA Super Cup, which amounts to eighteen live matches on RTÉ Two. Wednesday night highlights and a weekly magazine programme are also part of the package. Coverage on RTÉ.ie will include live simulcasts plus clip rights of Wednesday night matches with rights secured for coverage on RTÉ.ie mobile also.
RTÉ will continue to broadcast live UEFA Champions League first-pick matches on both Tuesday and Wednesday night in the 2008-2009 season.

Glen Killane, Group Head of Sport, RTÉ, said:
“We’re delighted to continue to deliver UEFA Champions League live coverage to fans in Ireland free-to-air until 2012. In the current competitive climate, securing the most coverage of any terrestrial television channel in Ireland with the premium package for Wednesday night matches – including the final - is no mean feat for a public service broadcaster. We look forward to continuing to bring our audience the high quality coverage of this and other key international tournaments such as the FAI domestic and international matches up until 2014; RBS 6 Nations until 2013; Euro 2008; Olympics 2008 and 2012; World Cup 2010 and 2014 and Rugby Autumn Internationals to 2009.”

I`ll be watching the Liverpool game tonight on RTE2.
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sound noely will do!
He's living in belfast i imagine you gathered so its very strange thay just cut it off as the games come on and then the channel is back once its over!


sound noely will do!
He's living in belfast i imagine you gathered so its very strange thay just cut it off as the games come on and then the channel is back once its over!

Yes as rte is not a free to air channel out side of Ireland and as NI is part of the British sovereignty that is why you cannot view it and is under another provider

same way as the Uk do not get any of the Irish channels on their line up

as we dont get any of the UTV or C4 C5 or bbc 3 or bbc 4


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so they can just switch it on and off as they please to force you to subscribe to something else to watch a match?


You can send them a letter sayin that we're able to get RTE through a terrestrial aerial and that RTE broadcast to the whole of Ireland but it'll really just be to tell them what you think because they won't be able to turn it on:(
UTV/ITV and Sly Sports have the rights to all the Champions League games for the UK and as NI is considered UK (legally) we don't really have a chance of gettin them to let us watch live matches on RTE
If RTE wanted to show the matches through cable or sly in the north they'd have to pay for the rights to show them in the whole of the UK
Best bet would be to get an installer to put a terrestrial aerial up, that way you'll get all RTE content with TV3 and TG4 too. Well at least until the south switch over to digital lol