Volume not doing much ?

Hi again guys

Anyone else fining that the zgem volume either turns the volume off (at 1 green bar..) or when you turn it up through the green, yellow, and red to the top volume- doesnt actually change the volume level?

I have to turn the tv volume up to control my zgem vol now

Used to work great ?!

I've had this issue for months now. I'm not at home now but it either works on Freeview channels but not premium channels or the other way around. Seemingly it was an OpenATV update that broke it, not seen a fix for it yet.

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I've noticed the same but just on HD channels. The box volume setting has no effect on HD. I have CEC turned off.


Its a known glitch with openatv if the volume drops below about 90%, if you set the volume to 100% then go into setup menu then system, turn on hdmi cec and make sure forward volume keys is set to yes then your zgemma remote will control your tv volume if tv supports hdmi cec


hdmi cec=hdmi consumer electronics control
basically allows you to control multiple hdmi linked devices with one remote

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Tried cec, and no volume control whatsoever
I have a modern LG 660la 3d hd tv
But it cant support cec im guessing. So ive changed it back to disabled

Luckily im using a 6440 all in one remote control and ive copied all the buttons from the zg
(Its a bit more like a sky remote. Keeps the missus bit happier)
So i just press tv and use the volume button

Then press PVR tp control zg
Thanks guys

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Just one more thing lads i know this has been over a few times. But... still none the wiser

My channel 102 is bbchd 1
My 101 is bbc2 hd

Whats the best way to change this - im on whooshbuild v5

(Another huge problem ) for me is i dont have sky sports news - used to be 406

This is the main reason for me having the zgemma
Week ago wen some premiums went i was pressing epg search and choosing say the 5th one down (1088) and it would come on
But even thats stopped working now

Any one got a handle/fix on whats been happening and how to solve
Thanks so much for any help again guys