Vontar v Openbox - first thoughts !

My old Vontar has taken to recording bits of programs all on it's own, so I bought an Openbox V8S - same company AFAIK...

Just fired the V8 up yesterday, it's quite a different file structure, some good bits, some less so. The Vontar is very simple, I guess the company decided to make the V8S into a more connectable system, IPTV etc..

A couple of early queries, please.

What format are the video's recorded in ? (old Vontar is video format is mp4 - so they play fine on Windows 10 pc after copy/move to usb...).

On the Vontar I can record and watch another previous recording (providing it's on the same partition!). Can't see where this option is on the V8.

The old 80gig hard drive is partitioned into three, with the largest being for the VCR - is the V8S recording to the whole hard disk ?? how can I specify which partition to use, as the no. 1 partion is quite small..

Thanks for any replies..

Cheers. CTF.