VPN provider recommendations please


Does anyone know of a VPN provider that has a server in either Russia or Belarus.
I get it might not be possible right now, providers may have dropped servers to those locations.

Express VPN have a Belarus one listed, but when it connects it doesn't work and just loose internet connection.

Reason I'm looking for this is I'm still following Vysshaya Liga in Belarus, really got into during lockdown and still enjoy watching games.


I have to say I've been really impressed with Mullvan. I like how it runs from month to month so if I don't need it for a while I can just choose not to top up.


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If you are connecting to a server in Russia or Belarus you are responsible for the murder of Ukrainian children.
It's that simple, someone pays for those servers, paying any money (by default or otherwise) is giving money to Russia to continue their genocide.


So I used to use Nord for years, but towards the back end of using it, really struggled with consistent speeds. Have gone to ExpressVPN and had no issues so far.