WooshBuild Vu Duo2 - boot issue/stability


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So bit of an update from me. Did another rebuild and went as far as infinity. It seems to be working fine at the moment. I've had it running since few days from start of this thread. I've been away a fair few days so need to complete a a few of the plugins on there and see how that goes and I'll feedback.
My box is a far few years old now, so noted the point of hardware capacitor.
I clearly need to sort my notifications aswell as I've missed so many messages here


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I am running a vu solo +2 and have been for almost two years now with wooshbuild. Never had any issues until the last two months, where now i am getting boot issues.

basically sometimes it boots others it does, the wooshbuild boot screen just flashes as though it is going to but then freezes.

Worst occurrence tonight i have tried around 8 times now to boot but cant get past the boot logo every time. I was installing the new skyq 3.0 skin, so i wonder if all these issues are connected to a skin?


I have tried various different skins and it seems to make no difference.

However, if you find a skin that works, do let us know, as I would love to get to the bottom of this.


could this be the same as the vu duo's with what appears to be a bug addressing memory/swapfile. My bro had a similar issue with his vu duo 2 and it appeared to be resolved following the solution of creating a swapfile and ensuring it was set to startup via vi editor not just the swap manager. try creating one and see if it works if not remove it
Vu+ Duo(not 2) lives again install guide, bootloop after skin update, can't install plugins ie e2iplayer, wooshbuild, openmultiboot, flashexpander.SSD


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Vu duo2 does not need a swapfile as box is more powerful and should have no issues.
All my boxes are running openvix images and no issues.
Skins can cause boxes to have issues and can be removed from plugins feed.
Any images i do i setup from scratch with no restores.
Abm and epg updates were done in the early morning and used usb stick or hdd.

users on atv were you doing atv updates that might have screwed your box up?
All my boxes are never powered off just in standby.