Vu+solo2 atv 7.3 using iptv and blurry picture

Same dish yes
Only thing different then is the coax into that room, your using same receiver same dish LNB and switch in the other room and it all works.

Only other thing i can think of is your using a different output from your LNB in the room your box does not work in.. It's not unheard of for one output on a twin-quad lnb to fail.
The wire you are putting in the box is not connected to the dish, you wouldn't get 0% on signal strength and SNR if it was just a bad connection. Manually trace that wire back to the LNB and you'll find it isn't connected
Could there be a short on the cable. Test for continuity between inner and outer cable. I am unsure if it gives feedback through the lnb though. LNB may need to be disconnect before testing.