Vu UNO ?

al dae it pal

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Hi av posted a thread before about making a purchase is there any owners here of the Vu+ Uno 4K SE

Quick Question if am using the remote do a have to point it directly at the box like a ZGEMMA H7C

Currently using a IR Extender on a zgemma but its no great :)

Cheers :)

al dae it pal

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Hi willo that absolutely brilliant am currently undecided tho lol

using the h9s at the moment but making the switch to VM

Just wondering if the vu+ needed the remote to be pointed at the box directly like the zgemma or if the vu+ remote was a wee bit better .


Cheers .


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not that I do it often but I just pointed my vu+ remote towards the wall behind me (I'm facing the TV), ie the opposite wall to where the tv/box is and it still turned on


Vu+ definitely have better quality remotes but they are still infrared.

I used to use little HDMI infrared adapters that 'stole' the CEC pin to send infrared down so it avoided needing another cable