Wanted Samsung s24 Ultra 256 or 512.

No luck with this? Tried eBay with their regular discount codes on MusicMagpie, cheapest electrical store, etc?

What's your approx budget? (256gb - £900?) - I'll see if I can have a nose around for prices, discount codes, etc.
What's your approx budget? (256gb - £900?)

Looking at about that. I'm in no rush and thought I'd put the feelers out to see if there's anything about and I could save a few quid. I'd go for a S23 ultra too if it was well discounted. I'd have a refurb if it's in mint condition. I just can't bring myself to pay full price cause I'm tight 😂.
I'd never heard of BlackMarket before - so thank you for this @HiTecK (y)

I hadn't until the other day. A Mate at work recommended them. I'll report back when I get home from work and open it 🤞. It landed at my house about an hour ago.

Tax year is ending need to spend some money do you HT. Tax avoidance forum profits are rocketing :ROFLMAO:

I'm skint me Moshi, I need to start selling subs then I might be able to afford an S24 ultra like most on here 😂.
More than happy with the purchase. Looks like a brand new phone. Can't fault back market. Just make sure you read the sellers reviews before buying. They were a few on there that had questionable feedback. I went for the seller 4gadgets who had a 4.6 out of 5.0 score. Brilliant deal.
Ranked very high on Trustpilot too 4gadgets.co.uk is rated "Excellent" with 4.8 / 5 on Trustpilot.
Back market does have some good bargains on there.
I got my lads first iPhone off there and was in really good condition and battery health was 97.
As for £625 for refurbished s23 ultra thats a good price to say there still just over a grand brand new