Web forum dissapered


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there was a load of sites attacked last week, which is why we have the new firewall here


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Hi noelyf
seems to be a bit more than i firewall,just tried agin for the forum and got a http 404
for the mainsite i got this
This account has been suspended.
Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.


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Heres just a few who`ve been under DDOS attacks.

Sky Wonder, Wizard Satellite, TheBox Distribution, Iwantabox, Satandcable, Tech Watch, DVB Junkie, Bubble Supplies, to name but a few.

I dont know exactly whats happened to wizardmods, but its a bit of a coincidence.
I wasnt saying it was a firewall problem, I was linking you to the thread where the Admin on Techkings has put up a firewall to protect us from these attacks.


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Seems to be a current trend at the moment. That's why our Admin is taking precautionary measures to try and keep us protected.

I would assume they were hacked as well.