Weird EPG issue


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Hi all,

With the success of my [email protected] HD51, I decided it was time to finally ditch off Sky. Woohoo!

I got IPTV working on it really well.

I then decided I needed to replace the Sky box in the bedroom, but alas, the HD51 appears to no longer be available, so I bought an Octagon SF8008 dual satellite box.

I popped on Wooshbuild as per my HD51 and everything went fine.

I configured IPTV and whether I use the Jedi EPG plugin or the E2M3UBouquet python script I get some weirdness on the IPTV EPG in that where there are empty channels in the EPG, where on the HD51, I can still move the cursor up and down past them, or even select them (often something is there, just no EPG data), the SF8008 will stop responding to the cursor buttons on the remote!

I have to use the < > buttons to move away from the entire bouquet.

I'm still a newbie to all of this but I couldn't find anything via the search here.

The firmware/drivers versions are:

System OE:OE-Alliance 4.3
Firmware version:OpenATV 6.3.0 (2019-08-24)
Kernel / Drivers:4.4.35 / 20190726

Any suggestions will be much appreciated, thank you!