Wenger predicts new Euro league


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BBC SPORT | Football | Europe | Wenger predicts new Euro league

Arsene Wenger believes financial demands will mean there will be no Champions League in a decade because there will be a European Super League.

The Arsenal manager is preparing for Tuesday's first leg of the Champions League play-off against Celtic, with the winners going to the group stages.

Wenger said: "Maybe in 10 years you will have a European league.

"The way we are going, the money coming in from the Champions League, for some clubs, will not be enough any more."

The Frenchman added: "I'm not sure 100% that I am right but I feel that there are some voices behind the scenes in our game aiming to do something about a European league, especially if the rules become too restrictive for the big clubs as things currently stand."

However, Wenger does not want a European Super League to take the place of domestic leagues.

Could you see teams playing the 'kids' in the Premier League and saving their best players for the Euro League?

BBC Sport's Peter Scrivener
He continued: "If a European league does happen the question is whether clubs will transfer from a national league or whether it is a franchised European league.

"That's the question people will have to answer.

"I personally believe only in sporting merit, so if one league is created there has to be promotion up and down but that would be, practically, very difficult to resolve.

"I do not want to kill the national leagues so each team should have to play in the national league and in Europe.

"That means the Euro league taking place in midweek and the national league over the weekend.

"All this would mean having two teams, basically."
A big fat no to a european league for me, i think the leagues are good as they are. it would only mean the erosion of the lower leagues in every european country, and clubs going to the wall, left right and centre.
Arsene Whinger

hey rocky, excellent stuff. can you send that to me by e-mail please, I have a few Arsenal fans I need to wind up. I'll pm you the address, thanks
I think old Wengers tipped over the edge you know, he's acting very out of character. Think he needs to go and talk to a professional :loco: