What a lovely peice from Michal Watson


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This is a piece from 'Boxing The Loneliest Sport' written by Michael Watson, I personally love it, what a brave warrior he is......

'All I know is he put me down. I won almost every round before that. I had that world title. I went back to the corner and said I was fine. I got up for the last with only one thing in my mind. That's all I was thinking: 'Keep your hands up. Survive one more round and you're champion.' But the referee jumped in. I went back to my corner and felt my spirit leave me – through anguish. And then I collapsed.
Even when I woke up in a different body, I couldn't open my eyes. That was frightening. I can still hear my mother and the doctor today. The doctor said, 'Mrs Watson, I don't think your son will live.' It was like hearing them on TV. But I just lay there – like I was dead.
In my self-consciousness, I said, 'God Almighty, if you save my life, I'll give my life to you.' Nothing happened for days. But I kept asking: 'God, show me a sign. Bring some feeling into my body.' I was persistent. One day I felt a tingling and my hand just moved.
You can't describe it, but my breakthrough was when Muhammad Ali came. I knew it was him, big time, and he was so humorous. He said, 'You're a fine-looking young man.' Ali was real close and said: 'But you ain't as good looking as meeeeee …' I laughed and it was the first happy sound I'd made in months. It was like breaking a rock. From there I escalated. I was a big problem for the nurses – chatting them up.'
- Michael Watson