What do you think of Microsoft Edge?


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Had the misfortune to use Microsoft Edge (Win10Pro 20H2) the other day, and noticed a couple of things I really don't like about the browser.

Firstly, I attempted to use screen recording software to record part of a documentary that I wanted to keep for later, but when I went to
review the recording, it was blank apart from the subtitles.

Secondly, when I was watching this stream and the adverts came on, when I went to do what I usually do, view another browser until the adverts finished,
Microsoft Edge haulted the stream, insisting I watch the adverts.

Initially, it took me a wee while to figure out reasons for this, that it was relating only to MS Edge.
I used Opera instead, and got the work done that I wanted.

Just amazes me though with Microsoft, with their dictatorial attitude that somewhere somebody thought that those modifications were a good idea.

I think the big problem with MS Edge is that it is integrated with Windows which allows it to interfere how it did, unlike other independent browsers

Any likes or dislikes you've noticed about MS Edge?


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I hate the amount of updates now with windows, and my pc or laptop go into slomo mode until i install them. Used to be a few major updates a year, now every otger week.


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Have windows 8 and do agree constant updates takes the absolute Mick.

But can't be arsed to move to a different OS.

Personally think Opera and Firefox are great browsers and fast and don't interfere with your privacy as such like Microsoft browsers do.


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Any one interested using win 10 and has microshite edge which is greyed out l have just uninstalled it from 2 machines with Revo Uninstaller and all is good for now as l think it may come back with next update. (y):LOL::ROFLMAO::unsure: