What European Satellites other than Astra 28.2E broadcast in English?

A few months ago, I got a Hotbird 13E dish installed for my other half so she can watch Russian TV. I had an explore at what other channels are available on there and I discovered that a lot of the Polish Channels provide English audio streams, as well as Polish.

I’m thinking about getting 5E because there’s more Russian channels on there, but I was wondering if any of the other channels either on this satellite or other ones that broadcast in their own native language, as well as English on a secondary audio channel like all the Polish channels do on Hotbird.

I’m not really interested in a motorised dish. I use my zgemma as my own private IPTV server to stream channels over my local network, so if one person wants to watch Hotbird in one room and Astra in another, that’s totally possible with my box’s dual tuners with DiSEqC switches attached to them. A motorised dish wouldn’t allow me to do this.

I’m okay with having multiple dishes as I can put them on the roof where the missus can’t see them. :)


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Would agree with kilohydro
Would be the best for english audio
Audio can be changed by pressing the yellow
Button on your reciever
There's a lot more English on several of the other country's channels than the Polish ones so you might be quite impressed once you've tried some of the other sats.

19e and 0.8w have probably the best choice of channels and English content. There's also 23.5e, 16e, 30w and 39e. Most have English as a second audio soundtrack. You can set that in the audio preferences menu (English as #1 and undetermined as #2) rather than change the setting manually every time. Other nationalities such as the Dutch, Scandinavians and Portuguese tend to play the programmes out in English and add hard subtitles in their language.

Most sats bar 0.8w and 16e you can use a minidish for.


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You don´t need to have multiple dishes on your roof.. use a Wave Frontier Toroidal dish that can "look" at up to 16 satellites.. Its difficult to set up.. i used a pole in my garden before i put it on the roof as i had to make lots of small adjustments. If you Google it you´ll find lots of help at how to setup. It´ll keep your wife happy with only 1 dish for all..


You don´t need to have multiple dishes on your roof.. use a Wave Frontier Toroidal dish that can "look" at up to 16 satellites.. Its difficult to set up.. i used a pole in my garden before i put it on the roof as i had to make lots of small adjustments. If you Google it you´ll find lots of help at how to setup. It´ll keep your wife happy with only 1 dish for all..
4.8 e has discovery networks in English osca m and keys will work bbc channel s on 13e and 30w and 23.5e


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All active Ku band satellites from 53° east to 45° west
TM6902HD + 88cm dish SQ = Signal Quality

Express-AM6 @ 53°east 12506 H 2300 Fashion SQ=47%
Al Yah 1 @ 52.5°east 11843 V 27500 A1 World SQ=70%
TürkmenÄlem @ 52.0°east 12303 V 27500 Turk/Sport SQ=74%
Belintersat 1 @ 51.5°east 11350 H 45000 TV Central SQ=71%
Turksat 4B @ 50° east 11196 V 2222 TürkSat Tanitim SQ=89%
AzerSpace-1 @ 46° east 11135 H 27500 CBC Sport HD SQ=68%
Intelsat-904 @ 45.1° east 11635 V 30000 City TV SQ=66%
Türksat-4A @ 42° east 12034 V 27500 CNN Turk SQ=82%
Hellas Sat-3 @ 39° east 12251 V 28330 ERT World SQ=80%
Eutelsat-36B @ 36° east 11212 H 14400 Rustavi 2 SQ=73%
Eutelsat-33C @ 33.1° east 11428 V 10100 S2 Turf tv $ SQ= 87%
Astra-2E @ 28.5° east 10847 V 23000 BBC-1 HD SQ=88%
Badr-4 @ 26° east 11996 H 27500 France 24 English SQ=59%
Astra-3B @ 23.5°east 11798 H 29500 Rebel SQ=82%
Eutelsat-21B @ 21.6° east 11480 V 2222 Al Aqsa Channel SQ=72%
Astra-1KR @ 19.2° east 11229 V 22000 BBC World SQ=79%
Eutelsat-16A @ 16° east 11426 V 27500 RTK SQ=75%
Hotbird-13B @ 13°east 10949 V 27500 CNBC Europe SQ=74%
Eutelsat-10A @ 10° east 11520 H 1100 Nabaa SQ=85%
Eutelsat-9A @ 9° east 12034 V 27500 W9 Swiss HD SQ=82%
Eutelsat-7A @ 7° east 11221 H 27500 TFM Senagal SQ=81%
Eutelsat-7B @ 7° east 12556 V 4035 HD Fox Sports $ SQ=71%
Astra-4A @ 4.8° east 11766 H 27500 1+1 Ukraine SQ=79%
Eutelsat-3B @ 3.1° east 12526 H 4444 2M Monde SQ=63%
BulgariaSat-1 @ 1.9° east 12419 H 30000 Kurdsat HD SQ=83%

Thor-6 @ 0.8° west 12418 V 28000 Sky News Int SQ=82%
Intelsat-10-02 @ 1° west 12562 V 27500 Speranta TV SQ=72%
ABS-3A @ 3° west 11461 V 2992 ABS test card (No Signal)
Amos 7 @ 3.9°west 11568 H 15000 Tippmix info $ SQ=65%
Eutelsat-5West A @ 5° west 12562 V 29950 Berbere Music SQ=85%
Eutelsat-7West A @ 7.3° west 10719 V 22000 Qatar TV SQ=56%
Eutelsat-8West B @ 8 °west 12521 H 27500 Al Jazeera Eng HD SQ=55%
Express-AM44 @ 11° west 11565 H 8000 Reteconomy SQ=69%
Eutelsat-12West A @ 12.5° west 11008 V 2141 Rede Int TV SQ=89%
Express-AM8 @ 14° west 10974 H 2963 Al Manor SQ=74%
Telstar--12 Vantage @ 15° west 11568 H 2678 BYU SQ=84%
SES-4 -- @ 22° west 12673 H 20255 Canal Algeria SQ= 79%
Intelsat-905 @ 24.5° west 11133 V 14115 NTA SQ=77%
Intelsat-907 @ 27.5° west 11495 V 44100 BBC 1 HD $ SQ=79%
Hispasat 30W-5 @ 30°west 12092 V 27500 Cubavision SQ=86%
Intelsat 35e @ 34.5°west 11023 H 5000 Data SQ=88%
Intelsat-14 @ 45° west 11605 H 990 China Radio International SQ=73%

This guide is for setting up either a fixed or Motorised dish system.
Majority of providers simulcast the original audio language, you can set the option of choosing english as your preferred audio, otherwise, it is easy to change in the audio settings.


Hello Everyone.

Hoping some of you motorised experts can help a new starter to the world of the dish!

Im in south east london, same as the op and have recently been thinking of installing a motorized sat dish to open up my options other then my standard 100 quid plus a month vermin!

The thing im struggling with when doing my research for a quality receiver, is most people buy a receiver with the required cam, ic for the package they want to watch, ie they know what the want to watch so buy the hardware accordingly. I on the other hand, like the rest would like some packages which allow the english language selection, but do not want to commit to a receiver that has a particular decoder installed....Are there receivers out there that basically have all the decoder options in bedded say crypto works, viaccess, irdeto, so that after scanning the skys if theres a package i want to try for 12 months, ill just find a supplier, buy a subscription and whack the card in a slot? Not sure if multi satellite has the ccard share of old still available, but if that is still an option, could the receiver also be able to handle a line if i decided to find a supplier and add one?

As i say i might have all this info wrong, and would appreciate if you could correct me, but ultimately to start of my satellite journey id like to buy the most versatile initial kit, dont want to splash out and have to replace parts cause ive picked up the wrong receiver to start etc.... Are there a few multi satellite vetrans that can recommend a good starting package with a receiver that leaves me open to options regarding lines and genuine subscriptions if and when needed?

Any help, advice will be great... Cheers!


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Jimbo It's a little different from what say. It's a bit easier and a little harder. If you buy and enigma 2 box like vu solo 4k or a newer version them the receiver uses softcams such a oscam or cccam to emulate the encryption. In oscam you would alter certain files to suit a card you wished to buy. Note lots of cards cannot be used in 3rd party boxes only suppliers genuine boxes. Next you need to Google card sharing this is how most people get access to lots of packages in Europe with out buying a card


Thanks for your help kegnkiwi. Didnt know that id need to buy a genuine receiver for every subscription i could be interested in, obviousley thats a non starter! So, i really need to start my search for a receiver thats firstly good as a quality dish controller to scan the skys, but also has the ability to accept oscam, cccam or mgcamm for the viewing purposes....? Any ideas of a few to short list guys? Thanks.
As mentioned above. VU + brand boxes are very good . Depending on your budget you can get one of those or a bit cheaper brands like Zgemma also good enough for motorised dish.