what splitter to use on starview?


Deleted, at user's request.
Hi peeps just looking for advice can anyone recommend a good splitter im running an sv2 plus sv3 all channels are ok on the sv3 but the sv2 is only picking up approx 136 now if i remove the splitter and then scan im getting approx 160 channels and all are ok then if i reconnect the splitter approx 12 or more channels are pixilating and a pop up saying no signal on these channels, this is very prominent on the music channels so any help would be appreciated thanks in advance.
Probably best to try a signal booster moh.
There will always be problems splitting the signal.
If you know a mate that has one, you could get a lend of it & see if thats the problem before you buy one moh :)
Cheers Noel, have decided as the neighbour isn't using their cable connection as they are on s*y ill run a new cable from that probably the more reliable option.