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hi was looking into buying a box never owned one before and peoples opinions about which box is so different,i was convinced that the box super pvr was the one for me as i wanted to use it as i would my sky+box but alot of people have said that there is alot of recording issues and no updates or fixes for these so now back to square one and slightly confused any help please thanks
Spike it depends on where your from plus what provider you are on as here in Ireland we have issues with the Nagra encryption but it also depends on what provider we are with.As for the UK they havent any issues with the nagra encryption not that i know of anyway.
I wouldn't be familiar with the providers in the UK but i had been using the box super usb and had no problems atall with recording with it....if thats any help,oh and there are updates for this box.
yes that box is what i originally looked at but i does not pause live tv though does it,in other peoples threads they have mentioned eurovox boxes so really do not know which is best thanks
yes i think i agree but from what i have read they are not updateing the firmware and will end up not being able to use it is this right and i have looked into the flashing guide i am on vista for my laptop and pc and do not see the com ports in device manager,the box super seems eaiser to update as it has a usb stick to do this from is any of this right please correct me so i can understand thanks
The starview super usb (sv4) is a good box.
The only down side is its a single tuner, meaning you can only record what you are watching.
Its the easiest & quickest box to flash and if you want to record the odd movie, match etc, you can via usb stick or an external HDD..

Simple to use and to set up. Just download the firmware onto your desktop, drag it onto the usb stick & put the stick in the usb slot on the box & your sorted.
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thanks might just stay with the sv4 untill something easier comes available that works like my sky hd box thanks again most helpfull
thanks alot the box i have looked at already comes flashed so i will read up on the guide to get to know what i have to do
No probs spike, if you`re stuck in any way, just ask mate & one of the members on Techkings will get you sorted ;)
A thanks from Moh,Noely for the help you gave spike excellent advice as usual (y)
there is also the itgate 220 which you can also use to record,i have that one along with the krypt and the star usb
thanks can i just ask how do i tell a clone from a real sv4,going to look at one in next couple of days and at least i will be able to spot it if it is,the guy i am getting it from has informed me that there are no clones for the sv4 yet thanks oh and sorry if i dont get back quick got to go out
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Look through the grills on the top of the box, if you see a silver square on the CPU you have a clone.

Where is this guy getting the box from & have you paid him yet?

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Google Wizardsatellites UK they are the main distributors and will only sell genuine models.

At least you`ll know you`re box is genuine.