Which way to go?


Hi all, I'm new on here and I'm looking for advice info on the best, cheapest way to watch tv in the UK. Currently subscribed into Sky but not to happy with their costs now our 12mth offers have expired. Hearing lots of people are using chipped streaming devices to enhance their TV watching experience?!for sports, films etc. How does this work and is it legit? I have been looking at the Roku 2 or Amazon Fire Stick.
thanks for reading and your reply if given.
Best Matt
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There will be no replies in here, this is only for introduction.
Have a good look around, all the information is there. Do yourself a favour and try garner some knowledge before starting threads, you will be much better received.

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Ok thanks, I'm asking for knowledge from people in the know not by trawling the Internet and being mislead by companies and their advertising campaigns. Horses mouth is the way I always seek info on stuff I'm not aware of!