Who has not done pre winter checks on their car?


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Best remind all to see when they last checked their vehicle for oil , antifreeze , windscreen washer coolant to stop from freezing.

How many non working bulbs as very faint is a non working bulb and if not seen you might have a front end or a lovely :X3: :X3: :dizzy:

All 5 if lucky and tyres inflated correctly.

Breath test checker to make sure your legal to drive.

+ clean all windows inside and out and your mirrors to see things you might miss.

Wiper blades cleaning correctly.

If all above is good then Happy Christmas and safe driving


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Mot done in November.
Service done a week before, oil and filter, antifreeze and wash bottle sorted.
Put new bulbs in rear lights as it was a fail along with front coil.
All replaced and passed.
Got windows steaming up inside and tried several things to stop it, none have worked.
Cat litter in old sock in the boot and under seats, supposed to remove moisture from the air but not working yet.


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If all windows are fogged up it would suggest an interior rain leak and increased moisture in car somewhere.
Are you getting rainbow streaks on windscreen suggesting possible inner heater rad leak with a sweet taste in your mouth due to burnt coolant.

If you have aircon in car its great for clearing windows very quickly and turn heat down.
look in boot for any dampness but could be under carpets also.

On my Mitsubishi i have fitted window vents which allow window down a bit to let air movement .


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He actually uses gel in that video?
I've got foam but not gel, I'll try it on side windows to see if it works before doing windscreen
Just tried it.
Put a 10p sized blob of foam on the cloth, it was an inch thick on the side window, so I did the opposite side window.
It was everywhere, by the time I scraped it down to a thin smear I had enough on the cloth to do front windscreen, buffed it all up so I'll see how it works, I've left the rear windows for now to see if it makes any difference
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