who killed archie mitchell


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anyone an insight as to who killed archie in eastenders

i reckon peggy :whistling:
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1. Jack

2. Tiffany
I've heard that it's out of Peggy, jack and Bradley.
i think it's most likely to be one of them 3 only because the other suspects:
you'd probably think it'd be one of them rather than the other three because the producers would try and make it so that the actual murderer is completely unexpected.
here are the reasons the suspects could have killed him and couldn't have:

Sam: you'd think from the Christmas episode that yeah it could be her, but I don't think she could do that to Archie because if you remember he sorta helped her and was (well at least she thought this anyway) nice and kind to her. even though she was in a right state and was saying how she was going to go over to him and make her mum proud and all that I still think she just doesn't have it in her to kill someone who was so "nice" to her.

Roxy: it was obviously not her because she would have been with Amy but there is that idea that shes been watching Archie as he ruins her family and she wants her revenge on him for what he's done to the whole of her family.

Janine: yes she has got a motive and a very big one but it'd be to obvious also she was holding a knife as a weapon but it was the Victoria statue which killed him and she wouldn't change her weapon as she'd have wanted him to have known she was there and maybe have a chat, and then she stick the knife into him rather than pushing a statue on him then running off. also she didn't have a home that night and she's probably have stayed at the queen Vic that night.

Ronnie: you'd think her being mental and having both her children killed by Archie that it's got to be her, but like Janine it'd just be to obvious. also remember that Archie is still Ronnie's dad, and he does still love her and she probably still loves him. but i don't think that if Ronnie did kill him, she wouldn't be able to live with the guilt that she killed her own father and I think it'd kill her on the inside.

Phil: well we all know that he's one of the tough Mitchel boys and all that but we also know that he was drunk that night, and would an extremely drunken be able to lift that heavy statue? no, i don't think so. also he was carrying a different weapon and so wouldn't have changed his weapon, and any way Phil would have wanted the most horrific murder ever!

Ian: well i know that he hates Archie but i don't think he could have killed him, because he's got a lovely family and he just seems to much of a wimp to kill anyone. also the only reason he would kill him is because he was gong to ruin his marriage and it's almost happened before so not really enough to want to kill him for it.

As for the three which I've herd it could be:

Peggy: she has it in her to kill him as he has done so many things to her and her family including lying, killing her granddaughters and stealing her pub. she has revenge in her eyes for all he has done and i think she's the only one who really really wants to kill him and could live with the guilt.

jack: also could have killed him because even though Archie hasn't actually done much to jack himself, he has to his lover and mother of his child. murderering archie could also let him get back with ronnie as she would love him for killing archie. i think he has it in him and it would probably change his life for the better so basically killing archie would be the best thing for him unless he goes to jail of corse!

For anyone that watches this soap here are some useful numbers

The Samaritans In the UK dial 08457 90 90 90.
In the Republic of Ireland dial 1850 60 90 90.
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Ben Mitchell did it :cheesy grin:

He looks the dodgy type Noel


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No one killed him............he was kneeling on the ground and the queen vic bust fell off the counter and hit him on the head.......:grin: :whistling: