Willobuild and skin issue


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Hi I installed new flash and put on willobuild and selected correct for my zgemma h2s however it is listing as model h2h .Why has this happened it is on sly skin and does it matter ? I am certain selected correct build


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All the Zgemmas that use a h3 flash are the same box with different tuners (H.2S, H.2H and H3.2TC).
The issue is that OpenViX do not support the earlier Zgemmas and I have to build my own version and host feeds for it.
I only build the H.2H version because it's the most popular receiver in the range and I don't have the server space to host feeds for all the different models.
It is not a problem to run a H.2H build on a H.2S and it will report itself in the 'About' screen as H.2H whatever skin you use.